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If you’re used to reading your comments and clicking the users name hotlink in order to send them an email you’ll be in for a surprise now as the system will instead take you to their diary.

Assuming they’re an authenticated (ie, logged in) commenter. If they’re not you won’t get a hotlink at all because, quite honestly, unsecure comments are just too much of a hoaxers paradise to allow you to really do anything at all with them except look at the comment itself.

Just in case anyone didn’t want this change, I should like to point out that this, and many other changes, are being discussed RIGHT NOW on the Forums. Go to or click the Forums link from the frontpage and GET INVOLVED! (Or don’t moan if you don’t like things ;)). I’d like to get the forums buzzing though, there’s a whole extra dimension to the site going on there!


20 thoughts on “Change to Readers Comments”

  1. I love this comment linking thingamajig. Most of the people who leave me comments are the ones I read anyway and now you’ve cut the work down in half. I hate the drop down list thingy. I love it when websites cater to my laziness.

  2. I just wanted to say that clicking on the comment name and getting dumped into their DD is positivly brilliant since, nine out of ten times, I would take myself there anyway..

  3. I love this new change. It saves me from having to do a copy and paste into the search (which is how I did it all this time.)

    Your making some GREAT changes here.

    Hugs and Luv

  4. OK I think you forgot to mention that on the comment page you can now see the entry that are commenting on?

    However if it is just a fluk that I am seeing the entries on the comment page then I like this Fluk. I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I have went to leave a comment and forgot what I was going to say just to have to go back and read it again to remember.

    Hugs and Luv

  5. Chiming in to say I love the ‘entry text’ box under the comments window!! Thanks so much for helping the pre-elderly with short term memory issues, in other words, me!


  6. Hey Steve,

    Wow, the changes are coming thick and fast, and all good ones too! Thanks for all your hard work to make these things happen, I appreciate it. 🙂

    Take care and ‘bye for now, Kelpie.

  7. Ok so I tried posting this on the support forum but there is some sort of glitch and it just keeps asking me to sign in when I hit submit even though I am already signed in, and when I sign in AGAIN and try it, it does the same thing….

    I’m completely clueless about the entire switch from atomic to Hami, the changes that have and will take place, etc etc etc.
    What’s happeneing?How will affect me as a free account user, if at all? What new stuff has been added, what old stuff has been changed, taken away, etce tc etc? Give me da 411.

    Sorry to be so dense but I haven’t been able to make it over to DD much to make entries much less read about all that is going on.

  8. that comments linking to diaries thing ROCKS. you guys are the best and i so appreciate your constant efforts at making DD a better place to hang out. thanks, mate. this new change is really convenient.

  9. Thank you, thank you, thank you for letting us see the entry we are commenting on. This is so much easier than opening a second window. I usually forget to comment on half of what I plan on. You rock.

  10. Thanks for the changes to the name link… I always liked going to another user’s DD rather than the email personally cos it might be a new user/DD I’ve never seen before and I had to always hunt and search for their DD… cuts the search time waaaaay down… (yes I am lazy as well) Thanks again!


  11. Wow–wonderful! Usually, I use the DD search engine to see who it was who left the comment, and will go to that diary and read. Now they’re just a click away. This is SO much easier.

    And it’s funny. This morning I woke up thinking that maybe I should just carry two premium accounts for a while, until I could move all my (300+) pictures from the Airendancer Hami album to Waterspriteflying. Reducing the price sure makes that a more attractive option. I want my smiley face!

    Thanks for all your hard work!

  12. Nice of you to lower the price. It makes it that much more attractive for me to get a smiley face next to my name if I ever had that urge; which to till now, I haven’t had that urge.

    As for the change in commentor name changing from email to diary, I dislike it but I’m too lazy to actually click on forums and gripe about it. My finger has had too much excercise typing this.

    THIS IS RIDICULOUS! When is technology going to get to the point where i just think of what website i want to go to and like magic, I’m there. Sheeesh……..

  13. Oh! I got an idea! *finally* What about allow commentors to be able to read comments already left right under the entry text.

  14. I coudln’t believe it! I saw the entry right under the comments box! it was great! I coudl’t remember something else i was going to comment to scrolled down and there it was to remind me! great job!

  15. Another thanks for linking the names to the diary rather than email, I like that much better too. But shouldn’t you change the "Show Email?" option to "link to diary" or something like that?

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