Celandra please read

Hi Celandra,
We’re certainly not ignoring you – we’ve not received anything from you. Please send us your message using the HELP button at the top or if you’ve used that already, drop me a line personally… I don’t want to post the actual address because it probably gets scanned by spammers but the account name is steve and its at hamiko.co.uk – hope that makes sense!!

Anyway we’re not ignoring you. If you don’t get a response to your request through those two mechanisms, leave me a private comment on here and leave me an up to date e-mail address and I’ll write to you myself if necessary!

I suspect we have some catching up to do somewhere as you’re not receiving anything from us and we’re not from you – but we’ll pin it down somehow!


13 thoughts on “Celandra please read”

  1. I am trying to ask my question here as I have received no reply to my last 4 emails that I have sent between December and February to the support email address. I haven’t received any of my notifications since Thanksgiving time. It looks like it had been fixed according to your entry of 1/24 (1/25?), but I’m still not getting any. Have I unkowingly made someone mad or something, or shall I just try to forget about DearDiary? I am about done trying to get someone’s attention – not meaning to sound like a witch – just totally frustrated. Thanks.

  2. Many people at DD knew each other before they started keeping diaries, and they describe their visits, or they meet and visit people online who know people they know in "real life."

    For the rest of us, though, the safeguards described in the (very entertaining) link you’ve provided are very, very wise. Thanks for the good reminder.

  3. yeah its been difficult to hide the fact im a 52 year old balding man with smelly feet, however I think im still doing well, everyone thinks im this hot saucy blonde in her late 20’s! 😀

  4. Coming from somebody who met her fiancee via the internet, we’ll see three years together next month, I can say that it’s always best to be careful and cautious. We were.. Waited a whole year before seeing each other face to face. We waited to exchange phone numbers and other personal info. I met his Mother via the telephone before he came to see ME, versus me going to see him. All our families knew when, where and how we were meeting.

    Unfortunately, for youngsters, the things listed on that cute site don’t always come to mind, and there are to many sickos on the planet for my taste. I’m glad there’s a resource like that out there that a parent can give a kid. Sometimes that plus your own involvement and paying plenty of attention will make all the difference in the world.

  5. "Let’s make the Internet a safe place"
    Great idea. . .just long as that doesnt involve the loss of any pr0n on the web.

    musik, you mean youre not really a h0t 20something blonde? but what about those pix you sent me? 😛

  6. I too have met people from the internet. It happened over a period of time and turned out to be an enjoyable experience. However safety is always a must and should be foremost in our minds. Thanks for the reminder.


  7. How can I know/check which diary entry(in my all diary entry) has a comment inside? Then I don’t have to check it one by one to find out which entry has comment inside..

    Is there a function in Comment Management?

  8. Very important info there on meeting people face to face you’ve gotten to know online. I have met one person I met online, from another site, and that went very, very well. However, after having some *really* horrible experiences with some other people I met online, I would have to *seriously* think about ever meeting anyone from online again. It’s sad, but the truth is a person can pretend to be anyone online… and you just don’t know who they *really* are until it’s much too late.

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