Brief Outage

The AtomIC Server fell over at around 16:00 Finnish time (14:00 UK time or (I think) 09:00 New York time?) with a serious problem with the database.

For some odd reason best known to itself, the mysql process decided it was no longer going to respond to anything. Even (for those in the UNIX know) a

kill -9 signal. Usually kill -9 instructs the OS to simply remove the offending process, give it no more process time and clean up its memory.

It failed – which needs investigating because the only solution was a full reboot of the whole box, meaning Jabber, web, mail etc was down.

However, the situation lasted, I believe, for only about 20 minutes and should be back now and functioning, though the web server is getting the living daylights pasted out of it right now.

I shall monitor the situation and attempt to find out what went wrong, but at present it looks like MySQL committed suicide in a big way.