Attention SBCGlobal Users – your provider is blocking emails

SBCGlobal users might wish to contact them and ask them why they continually reject e-mails from us. I have checked with the blacklists and we are NOT on the lists that SBCGlobal continually state we are.

The net result is, you cannot use an SBCGlobal e-mail address if you wish e-mail to be delivered from us to you. I have lost count of how many times I’ve written to them and requested removal, and I’ve lost count of how many times they’ve told me we’ve been removed.

All the main antispam blacklists mark our server as OK – so why SBCGlobal feel the need to go against the norm, I have no idea. And I’m over caring. Unfortunately it’ll have to be up to you, their dear customer, to eventuate change if it bothers you.

If they don’t listen to you as a customer, you’ll need to provide a different e-mail address to receive support responses, DD Notifications or new account passwords.