Atomic Album 2.0

This is to announce that Album 2.0 is now online and ready for abuse, uh, i mean use! 🙂

List of new features, though by no means all of them:

Folder Support – you can now create folders and gather like-topic photos into the same folder.

More Info – When you browse you see a big ‘i’ next to each photo, click it and it gives you lots of info about the picture including all the ways you can put it into your own site or diary (including the special Atomic tags) – just cut and paste, it’s all done for you.

Password protection – You can assign a password to a folder and then anyone trying to go into that folder will require that password. You can use this for images you don’t want to get too far… Warning: If you password protect an image you cannot put it into your diary etc (obviously).

Quicker – Thumbnails can now be turned on and off, they default to off, this makes it much quicker to get that display back up. Moving images into subfolders also makes it much quicker to get back to what you’re looking at as well.

You can ofcourse move pictures and folders into other folders as you desire, all the necessary editing facilities are provided as well.

There’s more, it’s about a 60-80% code rewrite so it’s quite substantially different internally. Let me know if you see any problems with it or if you have any ideas for improvement in a future version (coming in Album 2.1 will be slideshows for example).

If anyone with Netscape can have a play and let me know if they have problems that would be appreciated. I’ve tested exhaustively with IE and it seems fine, but I think my Netscape has decided to no longer play (amusing, it’s only been installed for about 24 hours *sigh*) so all I can say for sure is that if it doesn’t work, it does atleast work enough that the site is still usable. Report any problems to me – we’re going to do more extensive testing ourselves to make sure I caught all the problems.

Have fun!


8 thoughts on “Atomic Album 2.0”

  1. Is there a guarantee perverts canNOT USE THE ALBUM photos for their own purposes.
    There are programs that will protect artwork and graphics online. Will you be installing one?
    How this works is noone can download and/or save to disc/harddrive a picture without permission.

  2. Oh can’t wait to see DD 3 :))). I hope the colors are pretty *grins*.
    But what’s TalkBack?
    And can’t wait for the new album either :)).

  3. Dear Steve,

    Thanks for clarifying. I wasn’t able to tell that your tone or comments were aimed at just a particular group, and since you mentioned taking down the site and that would affect us all, abusive and angelic alike, then I thought the anger was directed in a more general direction than just those who have been the bad apples.

    As far as mentioning another diarist or person, obviously leaving phone numbers and last names is a messy situation. Just using a first name or code name is something different… but the bottom line is that we just can’t have a diary without mentioning the people in our lives. ::smile::

    I hope this works out. Personally, I think that if you can tell its a parody diary or that one party is in the wrong immediately, just nuke the darn diary and stand behind that choice. The negotionations are good, and I’m glad that you try to talk to people first, but in some cases I think that you should feel free to close the disucssion. All the debating can be a huge waste of time, and if you get sick of it you might be talked into backing down from points you previously stood on.

    – Psyche

  4. Uh, question…I’m on deardiary1’s notification list, and I got an email saying there was a new entry entitled "Some Perspective." But then when I went to see it, it wasn’t there! What happened?

    Jus’ wonderin’ :>


  5. Some of us wish we could "go premium"…but I know my parents wouldn’t let me, plus I have no job-period-so I couldn’t afford it…I would if I could, honest, but I’ve gotta wait until: A-I move out, or 2-I get a good job so I can afford all my stupid expenses.

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