AtMail Upgrades

The server running AtMail has been upgraded to a .Net solution (homegrown) which gives us MUCH more flexibility to provide some awesome additions in the near future.

The change was precipitated due to a number of people receiving emails that didn’t appear to be intended for them (although they were all spam and we suspect they in fact WERE intended for them, but didn’t look like it). Investigating that problem highlighted how inefficient the original system was, so its been rewritten.

There’ll be new features and such like coming along in due course, but notable intentions are thus far;

Ability to pick up your AtMail with Outlook or Outlook Express (POP3) rather than using our web interface.

Ability to filter message senders and keywords (ie, anti spam solutions).

Both of the proposed features will be available to Premium Users.

Please alert me if you notice anything weird going on with your AtMail account.

(If you don’t know what AtMail is, go there – it’s part of your AtomIC Account!)


2 thoughts on “AtMail Upgrades”

  1. You’re providing POP service! My prayers have been answered!!!!!!!!

    THANKS guys. If this works out, I’m dropping hotmail so fast that their heads are gonna spin.

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