Answers to Xedri

I think a better idea would be to give each user the ability to block certain users and/or certain IP addresses from commenting in their diary. That way if someone leaves a nasty comment in a user’s diary, that user can block that person from ever commenting again. Or perhaps that user might be given the ability to block a user and/or IP address from even being able to read their diary in the first place.

Sadly that just isn’t possible Xedri. As much as we would like, it is very difficult to block IP addresses because as you probably know, an IP address can be given to you dialling up with your modem one minute, and your friend or someone from out of town you never met the next. When you logoff that IP address is re-issued and someone else gets it. Very few providers give static IP addresses any more.

Thats not to say we can’t TRACE who was using that IP address at a particular time if something criminal is done. But thats a different matter to blocking it.

Of course we could block the whole provider, but then what about the innocent users?

As to the ‘might not want to leave your name’ that will be allowed. What will no longer be allowed is the leaving of comments in someone ELSES name. The new system, as sad as it may be for the casual surfer, has to come in to play to prevent the abuse we’ve been seeing. It takes only a few seconds to get an AtomIC Systems Account, and the information stays with us only….

But we appreciate your feedback, things can be modified and adapted accordingly if good ideas come up, so thanks!