Answers to some questions regarding new policy

We’ve been over this before, but for those with goldfish memories, here’s the answers again.

I’ve put the comments from the previous entry in here to keep it in context;

From: hypocritical (Unauthenticated)

Date Posted: 14 Jul 2002

OK, I see your point, but I happen to know two diarists who have had their diaries deleted completely, and yes, there was some slamming and bitching in them for sure, but why does the ”provocator” (sp) still have a diary?

Because the provacator obviously has no substantiated complaints against them. It is not hypocritical at all – if the provocator has had complaints upheld, they will be removed as well. Go ahead, try it, make my day…

And many other diaries that are abusive and give out personal info etc remain? (sorry to name names but RICK posted so much about his flatmate (who writes here too) and yet….he is allowed to stay on.

I have been in contact with Rick and to the satisfaction of the other author. Thus the matter was closed. Unless you ARE the other person and are now telling me it was not to your satisfaction, in which case you should be writing to me personally not leaving a public comment. If its not you, then what would you know about whether its hypocritical or not?

The most unfair/ unprofessional thing (no not excusing the 2 diarists I mention from their carry ons) is that NO-ONE from DD told them this would happen and also won’t respond to their e-mails (I have spoken to both parties)

Incorrect. We told months ago it would happen. We also confirmed days ago that this would happen. Emails were sent but, remember, we have full time jobs as well babysitting this kindergarten, so sometimes it takes longer to get a response than we’d like.

All I am saying is, you wanna delete one or two DD’s with some recent bitching, delete ALL of them that have carried on!!!!!!!!!!

Give me URL’s of the diary entries that slate someone else and I will. We will, however, not go looking for them. Remember, I said in the entry I would not ‘back penalize’ users, so they need to be recent.

Interesting that you don’t feel able to leave your real AtomIC name with this comment though. Something to hide?

From: Eliezer

Date Posted: 14 Jul 2002

I would hope that before deleting a diary, every effort would be made to contact the individual in question, at the very least, in advance.

No. Not any more. We tried this approach and it didn’t work because it simply took up too much time. The alternative is to close the site down because we don’t have the interest any more, and that just serves to deny the 23,000 diarists who do behave themselves. Thats definitely not fair, don’t you think?

Moreover, I would hope that the DD administration would hurry up and implement their diary export facility promised in the next version so that such an author could be given an opportunity to export their diary (as it may reflect years of writing, energy, effort and careful attention) before simply wiping it off the server.

Frankly, if you’re not a repeat offender you probably have little to worry about as we’re not that unreasonable.

If I’ve received complaints about you before then lose it you will. Read the Terms and Conditions you recently re-signed. The storage of diary entries is entirely at the discretion of the DearDiary.Net… Administration and entries may be removed (though they may not be otherwise modified) by the DearDiary.Net… Administration at any time and without reason or notice then at least pretend like you understand them.

Removing a diary’s presence on a system due to perceived abuse is one thing.

I don’t follow the perceived thread? We investigate all complaints before deleting. If we don’t believe an entry is in violation it will not be removed. We’re not stupid enough to think that the abuse address itself isn’t open to abuse, so again, if you’ve nothing to worry about, don’t worry!

Destroying creative property without notice and an opportunity to retrieve said materials before hosting is discontinued is quite another.

Appropriate notice is given in the terms and conditions. If you don’t want it deleted, don’t slander other users. Its a simple rule.

I fully expect DD to respect the rights of any author to have an export of their text and documents made available prior to deleteing their account, and notice given, to allow sufficient time to make appropriate preparations.

Incorrect. It is YOUR responsibility to ensure YOUR data is backed up. See section 8 and section 9 of the terms and conditions. These terms have not changed with the latest update and have been in place since the beginning of the site in 1999. What we provide is the easy linking between dates, and the public display of your entries – you provide, maintain and are responsible for the data within. (Thats the hardline stance, in reality, we backup regularly and can usually accomodate export requests too, but that doesn’t mean we have to, or that you should expect us to).

Moreover, I would also hope that any diarists believed to be in violation of policy will first be investigated for validity of the complaint, as well as the one registering the complaint, to ensure that the complaint is valid and the one registering the complaint is not also in violation.

People making complaints are NOT investigated. They may not even be diarists themselves, so what would be the point. The subject of the complaint is of course investigated and if we find nothing wrong we will take no action whatsoever. People making the complaints must provide explicit detail (including URL’s to the particular entries that violate the terms and conditions, otherwise it is immediately rejected as trouble bait). We don’t have time to trawl someone’s diary looking for the violation, you must tell us. If you don’t your complaint will NOT be upheld.

The one registering the complaint will eventually of course be investigated themselves, because everybody here reads everybody elses diaries and someone will complain to us about it. Trust me, someone will πŸ™‚

(Knowing that one is getting scoped out, as well, if one complains will, I think, help reduce the abuse of the new policy by vindictive individuals seeking to get the diaries of others booted, and promote good conduct on everyone’s part i.e. if you want help, you have to behave as well).

Of course, this is definitely the case anyway, see my comment above. As I said in the original Muppet entry, if you are attacked in someones diary and retaliate in yours, there’s a damn fine chance of both of you losing.

Moreover, I would also hope that a warning system would be in place for an erroneous violation, so that a person can correct their error, before being unceremoniously deleted, if it is not an extreme or intentional attempt at infraction.

Mob rule and vindictiveness are inherently a bad thing.

I would hope, after all your time here that you would know better than to suggest such things. I am a fair person, and I am generally a pretty laid back person. But I am a tired fair person and some people have gone too far. Most people will not have any problem with this, they haven’t in the past and they won’t in the future. The only change is that, after the vote, things have been formalised. The system has not changed in actuality since it was introduced months ago.

It is certainly possible to go to an easy extreme, if not careful.

Of course. I hope you’ll find that’s not our intention at all. If you’re not mouthing off about other users or real people, you won’t have a problem.

From: luciana (Unauthenticated)

Date Posted: 14 Jul 2002

Eliezer and Hypocritical, thankyou for the comments above.

My Diary was DELETED with out even an e-mail.

Yes, I agree my last post could be percieved as nasty, how ever, it i
s my diary, and the entry was purely a vent over a very slanderous post about me, and my family.

Can I not react?

You have had an email. You have not mailed me and asked me to deal with a slanderous post about you, therefore you are in violation of our terms and conditions. The person who posted the slanderous post about you is also in violation, but since you didn’t tell me about that post (until this comment, and even then you’ve not given me any information to investigate) you are deleted and they are not. If you had instead asked me to intervene, within the terms and conditions, we would not be having this ‘conversation’.

Do I have to sit and take peoples lies and shit?

Apparently so.

No, no-one expects you to. But we expect you to work within the system, not outside of it or against it. Its a simple rule. We don’t have time to work out ‘who started it’ and we’re not kindergarten teachers. We don’t care who started it, we just see entries that are outside the terms, thus, they are gone.

I had entries in that diary that are important to me, and also comments from people in DD.

Indeed. Incentive then to ‘play within the rules’ I would hope. We try not to be unreasonable, and indeed, your diary is not deleted at this time. It is hidden and inaccessible to you until we can reach agreement. If we cannot reach agreement it will be deleted.

Yes, we were all warned a long while ago to cut the crap…..and I did.

Yes my last entry got someones panties in a twist, but being provoked, constantly what would you do?

I would mail the admins and give them evidence of the provocation like they asked for months ago…

I want my diary back.

I will just create a new one any way (maybe I already have…)

but the point IS I want what have have written in my old diary.

Then start a sensible dialogue with me in reply to my mail and lets reach agreement shall we? I’m not against you or for you, I merely act upon what I see when I am pointed in the right direction. Its that simple.

Don’t you have a copyright clause on each diary, that the writings belong to the diarist?

Well there you go………

Yes you do have a copyright clause on each diary. We have not copied your diary without your permission so we are not in violation of your copyright.

So, to summarize, we will try to be reasonable, and we will try to deal even handedly with everyone. Its not always easy, which is why the whole vote thread started because I wanted to throw in the towel. However, of those that voted, more people were happy with the existing solution than any new proposals, and so this is where we are….

And once again, most people will have nothing at all to even concern themselves with. We respect your right to free speech, but only when that right does not infringe on other people’s rights of anonymity and decency or respect.


45 thoughts on “Answers to some questions regarding new policy”

  1. i agree with the admins… they don’t have time to go back and forth between diary’s…. if someone harasses you, call the police.. or in this case the dd admins… you don’t try to pick a fight that will get you no where….

  2. The terms and conditions are very, very specific.. By somebody not following said terms and conditions and, in essence, going against them by writing their opinions of other diarists publicly, thus slandering (in the sense that til proven said words are decreed false), they go against them. I’m certain ample effort has been taken to notify said users of their behaviour as well as warnings of deletion, not only through e-mail but in the terms and conditions themselves..

    Now.. I read a diary post where somebody was going right back to their complaining ways while the other diarist ignored it and went on with her life.. Could that be perhaps why the first was deleted? Because the first refused to grow up and leave it lay while the second, FINALLY, let it go?

    I USED to read a certain diarist, hell, I even had her on my people to read list. I also happened to read the other. I came in after the fact, after it had all been, seemingly let lie. After the last diary post let me just say I quit reading the one, it disgusted me, but I continued with the other. This all comes down to acceptable behaviour.

    This is a community, you have the right to a certain degree of freedom of expression, but, as I said in a previous comment to this same admin diary, this is like a school yard too.. This nonsensical, immature crap won’t be tolerated.. The moment people’s names and work/home telephone numbers are passed out and actually used is the moment that it turns from "just ranting" to stalking.. Whether it be cyber or real life..

    I’ve dealt with cyber stalking. I’ve written about it here in my DD.. It’s no fun, but to think of somebody carrying it over to telephone calls as well. I can generally "guess" that the people still posting the nasty entries after the attacked diarist has ceased are probably holding to the torch so much they’d think nothing of calling a person’s home or work.

    Get over it and grow up..

    Please excuse the novella, but I feel rather strongly about this.

  3. Wow. Does this mean that there is actually some customer service on this site? I just came to this site because I wanted to get away from selective enforcement of rules by the managment on the Other Site. Whoooeee! The Lady is happy, so far…

  4. I did not try to ”pick a fight” just responded to a slamming.
    And to DD, I had not mailed you, because surprise surprise, the post was deleted after I wrote MY entry, how ever, my last entry had the post copied and pasted.

    I did not receive any mail advising me of the deletion of my diary.
    As I said above, I got the warnings months ago, which I did adhere to (till that final post) but nothing recently.

    You also contradict your self,

    to ”Hypocritical” you write:

    People making complaints are NOT investigated. They may not even be diarists themselves, so what would be the point. The subject of the complaint is of course investigated and if we find nothing wrong we will take no action whatsoever. People making the complaints must provide explicit detail (including URL’s to the particular entries that violate the terms and conditions, otherwise it is immediately rejected as trouble bait). We don’t have time to trawl someone’s diary looking for the violation, you must tell us. If you don’t your complaint will NOT be upheld.

    *please note this **People making complaints are NOT investigated. **

    Then you write to the second poster (e something?)

    The one registering the complaint will eventually of course be investigated themselves, because everybody here reads everybody elses diaries and someone will complain to us about it. Trust me, someone will πŸ™‚

    **So are people who make complaints investigated or not? Or don’t you know?

    and this

    Because the provacator obviously has no substantiated complaints against them. It is not hypocritical at all – if the provocator has had complaints upheld, they will be removed as well. Go ahead, try it, make my day…

    The last bit, ”go ahead, try it , make my day”

    You piss and moan about this being a ”kindergarten” and you make this mature and sincere comment?

    Once again, I want my diary back. Even if no-one else can see it, I want the entries if you still have them.

  5. I really don’t understand what the big deal is about this. Its been going on for months and is now resolved and there is still a problem? You know, whatever is on another site is just that. On another site. If you rant about it in THIS site and the other person says nothing, then YOU have violated the rules. NOT that other person. After all, what is said on other sites is of little concern here. Common sense.

    I agree with Steve that eventually the person complaining will eventually get investigated. Why? Because "someone" is going to go looking for a reason to get another into trouble. Its petty but typical.

    You can’t have it both ways. You cannot have the right to blast another and then get all huffy when you are the one being blasted. You don’t want the humiliation of having your diary deleted or "held" then stop being such a big whiny baby.

    I happen to appreciate all that has been done. Its more than we could have probably expected elsewhere. Be thankful for what you got.

  6. People making complaints are investigated because, eventually, a member of the masses, NOT admin WILL say something if something is wrong.. I found that to be pretty clear.. No contradiction there..

    As for his mature and sincere comment of "Go ahead, make my day.." Imagine his frustration at having to baby-sit everyone.. AND carry a full time job and family.. Please.. They don’t need this stress, but it seems large groups of you insist on bringing it.. And anyway.. I gathered he meant.. Go ahead.. Try and bring me evidence we haven’t seen already.. Make my day..

    These two are so thorough in their attempts to create a wonderful and safe resource for creativity and all they seem to gain from the majority is flack.. If every one just smiled and was freaking nice it would be so much easier for this poor pair.. Lay off.. Before you people screw it all up for the rest of us..

  7. I’d like to extend my thanks to everyone offering their support to us in this issue. It’s mostly Steve dealing with Dear Diary these days because I’m quite heavily involved with another newer Atomic site that’s about 10 times busier than this one (UKTrainSim), but I hope to get back to DD shortly and finally get DD3 in a position for people to use it – it’s still there πŸ™‚

    To return to the point…

    It’s actually not the majority of users that we receive the flak from, it’s a very small minority.

    Out of 24,000 diaries we hear regularly from half a dozen that fight and squabble all the time and Steve is just plain and simply tired of it.

    Perhaps some might not quite realise how close Steve came to jacking it in and moving on to something more fruitful? We have day jobs that suck the life out of us, the things we do in our spare time are supposed to be fun!

    So I want to say a huge thank you to the 23994 users who just get on with it and don’t have any trouble co-existing with other people, you folk are the ones we developed the system for.

    To the remainder, it’s real simple:

    If someone complains about something in your diary and we uphold that complaint as being out of order then we’ll take action. We won’t go looking, we don’t have the time. We don’t care who started it, we just care who we’re told about.

    As to emailing people – generally that’s pointless too. We email and say "you are out of order, change it" and we get "yeah but they started it" in return almost every time.

    We used to try and investigate everything to be as fair as possible but it proved to be a pointless exercise. A would rant about B and C. B and C would rant about A. A would rant harder about B and C. B and C would rant harder about A. Eventually B and C come to us and say "A started it, they are terrorising us!" and yet on a cursory inspection of B and C diaries they were equally as bad. So we have completely given up trying to "fight for good" because 9 times out of 10 everyone is just as bad as each other.

    If you want us to take action on a diary then report the URL of the entry you take objection to along with a brief explanation of what it is you object to.

    All complaints are investigated by us and the final decision is made by us. Simply complaining doesn’t cause diaries to get removed, we have to agree first.

    As I say, and as Steve has said over and over, this doesn’t apply to 99.9999% of the users of this system that seem able to live in peace because nobody will ever complain about their diaries.

    We don’t want to get involved in the squabbles and fights, not interested, no time, no energy and no care – you’re all adults, resolve the situation as such by communication, not fighting.

    Nothing is deleted from this site, we just hide things – so if you rant about someone in your diary and as a result of their complaint find your diary inaccessible you can always contact us, apologise and pledge to remove the entry and stay within the Terms and Conditions in future and we can instantly re-instate everything about your diary.

    If you have a counter complaint please do feel free to make it!

    "A long while back, a man got nailed to a cross for asking the question, ‘why cant we all just get along?’" – Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy.

    (or words to that effect πŸ™‚ ).

    Back to Dear Diary version 3, I’m hoping to get back on to it ASAP but I want to make sure that the folk on UKTrainSim have what they need first as that site is currently paying for all of them, including this one, to stay running.

    AtomIC Systems.

  8. I just thought I’d add a trivia tidbit for those who didn’t ‘get’ the goldfish remark.

    Goldfish have an attention span of 3 seconds.


  9. I’d like to say this much on the issue at hand…

    There are 24,000 or so users on this web-based diary service. I am one of them. I’d like to think that those who have issues, however large they may seem, could put them aside for the sake of the rest of us. If Steve was thinking of throwing in the towel due to these bickerings, I would beg those involved to simply walk away. I have curently 290 entries stored on the DD server, the memories of which include: my first kiss, my mother’s wedding, my bonds of friendship, a reconcilation with my estranged father, to name a few and I would be personally devestated to loose such precious memories over the fighting of people I’ve never met. Much as you may think your fighting affects only a few, I’m a real person, with a real life and real emotions so I’d ask you to times what you’ve red here by 23,999 and re-assess your stance.

    So I beg of those who are fighting, simply walk away, please.

    Ravyn Ashton Summers

  10. I just wanted to say thank you to you guys for keeping up this great site!

    I got a premium account to show my appreciation for the hard work involved with DD more than any other reason. πŸ™‚


  11. If they (the admin team) give the site up cosof a couple of people with issues (mind you, is that one of the reasons people have a diary and freedom of opinion and choice?)
    Then let them. If like 3 people of what ever can bring them to their knees, well what can I say.

    But keep in mind people, do you really think that the advertisers at the site and those of us who chose to pay for a premiuom account, are not filling their wallets?
    As if they would give up easy money!!!!!!

  12. As far as I understand it, the admin here hae other jobs which they use to buy food, clothes, pay their rent, and keep their family happy and healthy. Then, in their spare time, they come here and keep this great site running. Even if they are making some money off of this, it is their leisure time.

    This is what they do for fun, and they have invited us to join them. We all agreed to sections 6 and 8 of the acceptable use agreement, which says that we agree that they can delete our diaries on a whim if they want, and that we are responsible for our diaries, which includes backing up the information in them. So far, the admin has gone WAY out of their way to be nice to us all, but it wastes their time and makes it not fun for them. If your diary gets deleted, you were wrong, and you already told them they could delete it, so stop complaining.
    And if anyone is wondering, even if you have 1500 entries and save every webpage, not just the text, it would only take about 50 Megs to save your whole diary, which isn’t all that much.

  13. I agree with Rayvn. I have over 1000 entries, and all were put on here for a reason. No matter how trivial they may seem to anyone else, they have helped me grow. I don’t know what I’d do if they were all suddenly evaporated because people bicker back in forth in things that are supposed to be tomes of thier lives, not of how much they hate another diarist.

  14. ROTFLMAO @ Choose To Be Anon

    Here’s some maths for you;
    Advertising Income (approx): $100
    Subscriber Income (approx): $280
    Total: $380 per month.

    Cost of Providing Service: $650
    Advertising to promote service: $0
    Our remuneration: $0
    Total: $650

    Total Income for DearDiary.Net: -$270

    Yeah, cool, we spend 270 bucks a month (which is a hell of a lot better than it used to be, don’t get me wrong, but its still negative, its ALWAYS been negative and it probably will always be negative) to give you this service, and we wouldn’t pull it because its a cushy little number for us and our advertisers wouldn’t let us?

    Choose To Be Anon, please find attached one clue.

  15. Matt and Steve don’t you both have huge house and drive Jaguars???!! Come on guys come clean! πŸ™‚

    Now here I was eating my lunch and read the above comment and I snorted juice out my someone should reimburse me for my pain and suffering…I think $270 would cover it.


  16. Just a note to show my support for you, Steve. I think the continued comments tell a lot about some of these "troublemaker" diarists.

    Good call, good decision. I support you!

  17. i support you as well.
    i am not afraid of anyone. as far as i know, i haven’t upset anyone. not that they’ve told me, anyhow!
    I do have issues myself but i don’t slag off other people to express them, no-one needs too


  18. Ok, I’m sorry Luciana, but I think you’re being a real "witch-with-a-B". YOU chose to put your diary here, no one asked you to. If Matt and/or Steve want to delete it, they can because THEY are paying for it. It’s their site to do what they want with. If you lost some entries because you didn’t follow the rules, then sucks for you.

    (lucy is my name, ana is my nature… does that mean anything to you??)

    Anyway, I think you should be THANKING Matt and Steve for letting you have your diary on their site…. not bitching and moaning at them. Grow up and learn to read already.

  19. *stretch* Sheesh..go on vacation and all heck breaks loose. Matt, Steve..good job with this site. I know it’s not always an easy place to run. I, for one, am happy with it. If you need any more help, just let me know. And..I am back, so entry of the week and site of the week will start being updated again.

    *stretches and hugs* Love you guys.

  20. I just want to say guys I think you’re doing a great job with this site. Of all the diary sites I’ve been on this one is the best. Thanks!

    Peace and Love!

  21. I just want to say that i support the changes on the terms and conditions, and i think its reasonable and i don’t see what the fuss is about. If you break the rules then you shouldn’t expect it to be ignored by everyone.

    You guys are doing a wonderful job on this site, this is the best diary site online! And thanks for the 270 bucks to run this place. LOL!


  22. to ”To shy to say”

    you wrote above in your comment …
    ”(lucy is my name, ana is my nature… does that mean anything to you??)”

    Sorry, no it does not mean anything to me. please explain?

    And thankyou to Steve and Matt I DO have my diary back, and if you take time to read my diary, you will see for your self, I ceased the on line sparring back when I was warned before, then I made a bad post, which is why I got deleted for a bit, but I have deleted the entry, and need no more issues.

    I thank you for just leaving it alone, especially seeing as though I have no idea who you are.

    Thanking DD people from Luciana

  23. Luciana, does this mean there will be no more tacky emails to people who agree with the DD Admin stance?

    Matt and Steve (and all the gang), thanks for the hard work and commitment to this site. I agree with the others, this is a great place!


  24. Sugardancer, read my comment please, it shows I MYSELF am in agreement with DD for god sake OK

    and to ”Too shy to say” Exactly, it means nothing.

  25. I have read your comments Luciana. And I repeat, YOUR AGREEMENT with the admin policy regarding diarists who break the rules and having their diaries hidden means that you won’t be sending any more tacky emails? Just in case you aren’t sure of what is considered tacky emails, I can show you examples… πŸ™‚ however, I doubt that will be necessary, right?

    I think Matt and Steve have made their point. This "goldfish" is beginning to draw flies, fleas, and gnats. Its time to move on to enjoying the spirit of this website.

    Like I said before, Matt and Steve are doing great job. Lets leave them to do it.


  26. Apparently you people are completely besotted with this luciena, crap, I went to a site I was told to take a look at………….
    It appears some people have decided that if the DD policy is no slander or abuse, then why not start your own site and talk like trailer park demons there, of course all the while toeing the DD line.
    It is a shame. Just remember, all of you, people in glass houses………
    Thankfully, I keep my diary private, now I know why.

  27. Now I know what it means when someone says ‘patience of the saints’. How do you guys do it, and how do you have any hair left? Sheesh.

    Oh, BTW, 23,994 users out of 24,000 is 99.975%. But that’s useless trivia, isn’t it? Hmm. Okay, I think I’ll just go ask MarvelGirl for some of that popcorn and stay away from trivia for awhile.


  28. I spent a while looking at several diary sites before deciding to go with this one. I must say that I really like what I have seen so far. I’m glad that admin won’t pull the plug becuase of a few problem makers. I have seen that happen far too often at other places. The rules seem quite reasoable here. I think I’ll be staying here for a long time. πŸ™‚

  29. Just wanted to say ‘Thanks’. You guys do a great job with a great sense of humor and I know all too well the expense and negative income of running a website. Thanks, hell, double thanks. You guys rock.

  30. i just wanted to say that freedom and democracy are meaningless when you are posting stuff on SOMEONE ELSE’S SERVER. if you run your own little site, you can make it a fiefdom or a democracy. it’s yours! if you want to flame people, duke it own on an instant messenger service like AIM or do it in a bot infested chatroom where the flames burn out with scrolling.

  31. can i put in my 2 cents too?

    i think people who fight in these diaries are crazy people who have just run out of people to fight with in person. i’m sure there will always be a few drama queens out there trying to screw things up for everyone and crying foul the whole time. so i thank you now, for all the hard work you’ve put into this site, and i thank you in advance for when these problems surface in the future. hopefully the new rules will help.

    thanks for the free (free for us anyway) site!

  32. Hey, I remember you guys looking for a way to disable right click on images. well, I have this code, it goes right above </body>

    <script language="JavaScript1.2">

    var clickmessage="Right click disabled on images!"

    function disableclick(e) {
    if (document.all) {
    if (event.button==2||event.button==3) {
    if (event.srcElement.tagName=="IMG"){
    return false;
    else if (document.layers) {
    if (e.which == 3) {
    return false;
    else if (document.getElementById){
    if (e.which==3&&"IMG"){
    return false

    function associateimages(){

    if (document.all)
    else if (document.getElementById)
    else if (document.layers)

    That is all.

  33. I am not sure of the date of this entry. I have long been out of town and not here for a while and then when I came back this is not a diary that I read all the time. From time I will come here. I am glad that I did come across the link on the entry page for this. Now I understand why it is that when I came back and tried to log in it kept taking me to the rules and that. I something was wrong with my diary. Now I know.

    At anyrate I have two opinions. I feel that the admin. here at DD is great and right. they have tolorated the babies here for a long time and now they are doing something abolut it. That is good. If they have reason that shows that you are violating the rules then C-ya. I agree with that. yes I feel that you should have a warning and I don’t see why they wouldn’t give you a warning or why they wouldn’t Email and say look you violated the laws. I have to say something else. I don’t think that you should be able to get another diary here if you had one deleted. be lucky that you can get a new one but learn from the mistakes.

    At the same time I feel that we as diariest should be able to make an entry about anything that we want to. Yes we shold be able to defend ourselves and stand up for what we believe. We should be able to write about a boss at work who pisses us off or how a husband has us upset because he is a jerk.

    I think that we as people though should have enough sense to know now to make an entry that is going to bash someone and cause arguments.

    I think we should all be adults about things.

    Well I have said all I want to say. Later!


  34. Thank you Steve for clarifying these things for the peple that still don’t get it..

    OBVIOUSLY,I was the one who lived with rick for a while, and this comment is more to the squabblers than to the administration.

    When Rick violated terms by posting my last name, I wrote to the diary within hours, and they contacted rick and had it removed. I dont believe he needs to have his diary pulled . when asked to fix the entry, he did… and yes I was content with the fast removal of that information. I do thank whoever spoke up onmy behalf, but wanted to say that i am living proof that if you keep your own diary clean and send an e mail into the staff here, the process does work. its only when we take mattersinto our own hands that the staff finds it unreasonable.

    The ultimate truth about who we are isnt what others say about us… truth is shown by our own actions… , so the best way to deal with someone you dont care for is simply to get on wiht it yourself… after reporting them (if you feel they crossed the line) , dont go back and constantly check to see if they are talking about you…

    trust me, no one is willing to put the time and effort into continually trying to piss off someone that is not willing to acknowledge that they care. if you care, tell abuse! but then go back and keep the ugliness out of your diary.

    what the admin said up there regardingme is 100% true .. My complaint was about something specific,I wrote to abuse right away, and it was taken care of. I COULD have gone into my diary and went all nuts and revealed private things in retaliation… however since what he did was wrong, why would i want to mimick that?

    the questionable info was removed swiftly and i was very pleased.

    In my own diary i tried to make an example of adult behavior by moving on and back to my jovial self not even 24 hours after that incident, and i have not brought up any ill will toward anyone since or even before that in my diary. i even CONTINUE to promote tolerance of others.

    There is somethink i once read in a Holocaust book. " we can not always control what others do or say to us, and in life sometimes the only thing we have control over is our reactions."

    Lets all learnhow to be a little less flammable and a little more grown up!

  35. WOW so I come back after… oh how long? just to visit the soap opera as MarvelGirl Put it…

    and i see that… ( ok this is drama on purpose lol)

    I actually got a last word in somewhere in my life.

    ha ha ha ha ha ha

    ** dances around wildly.

    sorry guys. it was just funny, and i am glad people arent fighting anymore…

    ps. i love the prologues to the hitch hiker books… and the man that go nailed to the tree for suggesting people be nice to eachother is HYSTERICAL… now why dont we all have digital watches.??

  36. The funniest thing happened! I did read the entire page. Wow! I wonder where Matt and Steve left off. Hahaha. Actually, I regret not getting here sooner, I have a bookshelf at Open Fiction (Hi Sexygoddessoflove!) for ages and only yesterday opened a diary here! Who ever the people are behind all of this (Open Fiction, Dear Diary and what have you), they are wonderdoers, and I love them to pieces!
    *It’s a small world afterall…*


  37. *Sighs*

    I just want to say "WHEW" Where have I been? I guess too busy to pay attention to all the things going on in DD.

    *Yawns* To: tinoz
    You know…. nothing will keep someone from taking an image. Even if you disable it with Javascript, or what-have-you, there’s always View Source, and that in itself will give you the exact address of that image, to which you need only do a Find with the text "img scr" and you’ll have the addy… VIOLA to enter into your browsers URL area and go straight to the image, and steal it anyhow.
    Most HTML Writers Know this… as does anyone with any knowledge of how the internet works.

    *Smiles softly* Not to burst anyones bubbles, but, I do it all the time, and nothing stops me.. *Mwahahahahahah* ok, enough of being silly and smarty pants… ummmm I wanna talk to Steve, and Ummm.. what’s his name.

    I can’t remember your name… Pouts… but you know who you are.

    I love DD.NET. I love all the diaries I read… My mom, and my sisters.

    I love writing when I can, have been on DD.Net since Jan 2000. If you required us all to pay a yearly fee, I’d do it.

    Just FYI.

    Ummm, what else, oh yeah!

    I don’t want to rumple anyones undies but "Adults" Please act like "Adults".

    I’ve seen enough so called "Adults" acting like "Children" to make me wanna toss in the diaper myself.

    If I were Steve or (*is it Matt?*) I’d be feeling a bit frustrated and fed up with their whining excuses as well.

    I don’t know everything that’s going on, but from what I have read I can tell what a pain in the bums those nice guys at DD.Net have been having to deal with.

    I think it’s great that they (DD.NET) took care of it like a parent would have, when you have kids you know the best solution is to take away their favorite TOYS, and let them whine, and kick and scream and blame others and make excuses all they want til they find out they can’t win, unless they stop, take responsibility, appologize and clean up their acts.

    Good Going, and I love your site πŸ™‚

    Rhonda aka CastleMistress πŸ™‚

  38. Oops… booboos, I type way too fast, and my mind thinks way ahead…

    In regards to above entry… I meant in my note to Tinoz…

    "img src" IMAGE SOURCE. πŸ™‚ Not img scr, which is nothing.. LOL


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