Aha, Thank You DancingStar

Wow, I hadn't even thought of DNS issues because I was first made aware of the strange errors at the same time I had made changes to the DD code. The DNS server would have changed about 5 or so days prior to that. So of course, I went off down the path of something I had changed in the code had broken it all and didn't consider the obvious.

The obvious being, as I'd explained to a friend the other day, if it works for some and not for others – and even then sometimes it works for everyone – suspect the DNS!

I've updated the DNS server (it was wrong, thanks DancingStar's IT dude) and things should return to normal over the next few days. DancingStar – you'll need (in a few days) to ask your IT dude to remove the entry from the hosts file again so that when we do manage to move the server later in the move/early next month, you're not left wondering where we went again 🙂

Thanks for your patience everyone!

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3 thoughts on “Aha, Thank You DancingStar”

  1. I was completely unable to access ANY DearDiary pages in the past few days — mine, anyone else’s, or the homepage… and all I could get was a blank page with the word "test" on it! Yikes!! I even tried to go to the Kabarty site, but it said Kabarty was no longer in business (or something). I thought — oh, my God! Hundreds of entries! Years of writings! Thousands of my heartfelt pages! GONE?!? But now… here we are! So THANK YOU, and please — don’t scare me like that again!

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