Affiliate Program?

I forgot to add in the last entry, if we can actually generate some guaranteed revenue to cover the costs of the site, we can actually put in place a decent affiliate program. To that extent we would also plan on implementing something like this;

DiaristA tells her friend, DiaristB about DearDiary.NET (or AtomIC Systems). DiaristB thinks its a great idea and signs up. Because DiaristA has recommended DiaristB to the site, Diarist A will receive $1.25, either as credit against her next subscription, or in raw cash (via paypals).

There’s a significant downside to almost all affiliate programs. There’s NO incentive for DiaristB to remember who suggested the site to her. So when DiaristB signs up two months later as a result of DiaristA’s introduction she may well not bother to let us know that DiaristA recommended her. We’ve thought of that too… If DiaristB signs up by mentioning that DiaristA recommended her, then Diarist B ALSO gets $1.25 off her subscription!! This way, even if someone signs up two months later, hopefully they remember who introduced them and everyone gets paid.

Incidentally, these figures are all speculative, nothing is set in concrete yet.

I will add though that its extremely unlikely that readers would gain anything from a subscription. The banner ads will NOT come back to diaries for readers. We made a promise and we will honour that. Readers would gain little from a subscription, though of course they could donate if they so chose 🙂