A little more on the notify links

It seems the problem only affects some people’s diaries..

I have added some debug code because at this point I’ve no idea what’s causing it – everything looks exactly as it should be on the server.

Though I did have to chuckle at the hacker who tried to get in through the forum system – stopped by various other security measures in place to make up for the fact that phpBB is so shockingly insecure and is almost due to be banned from my servers forever!


4 thoughts on “A little more on the notify links”

  1. Where did the forums go exactly? I just clicked the link and got some apache website thingy. I so didn’t mean that sound as cranky as it sounds. I’m smiling as I’m typing if that makes it any better.

    I didn’t know there was a notify glitch until you said something too.

  2. Question, my welcome page and index page wont change when I try to put something new on there. Do yo have to fix that or is there something I can do? I just want to be able to change it again.



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