A late entry but….

This should probably be a press release. But noone reads our press releases anyway 🙂

AtomIC Systems Expands

AtomIC Systems IP Ltd today announced it was taking on some extra help, in the form of Mr Les Gray. Les will be joining AtomIC Systems as a 33% shareholder and Director. Which basically means he’ll be programming and answering support emails just like the present two shareholders and directors.

Mr Gray said on Monday, “I will be delighted to join AtomIC Systems, and one of my first tasks will be to investigate new ways of generating revenue to bring the company to profitability sooner”.

Which is something we will definitely be looking forward to 🙂

Les has a good background in web based services including web design, PHP and database coding and all the other good stuff we need here. His personal home page can be viewed by clicking here

Welcome aboard Les