Month: February 2020

First Update After Docker and GitHub integration

So, today I have been playing around with getting my development environment up and running properly. The ultimate goal was that I wanted a way to deploy DearDiary.Net onto a new machine and have it run exactly as the live site does with no manual intervention. I’ve almost achieved that goal with the exception of …

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DearDiary.Net now Running in Docker Container

If you’re reading this then you’ve successfully accessed the new Dockerised DearDiary.Net This means I can begin working on new developments using Docker. You probably won’t see much in the way of changes just yet though – I still have to get my development environment set up how I need it too… But it’s a …

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More Docker Fun :)

To say I’m really enjoying playing with Docker is a bit of an understatement. DearDiary.Net is almost migrated (in development mode) to Docker. I’m still playing with getting the SSL certificates automatically generated and kept up to date using Certbot for Docker. But what really amazes me is how fabulous Docker is on Windows. At …

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Playing With Docker

Playing With Docker

Given that I’ve said in the Facebook Group that it would be great if people started updating again, I figured I really ought to do the same myself. Do As I Say Not As I Do. Or something like that anyway 🙂 So, anyway. I’ve been playing with Docker. I /really/ like it. Docker is …

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