Year: 2013

Call for Volunteers

I’m looking for volunteers…. I’ve long since abandoned the idea that DearDiary.Net will ever pay for the server on which it’s hosted and as a result I’ve set up some other websites that do assist with paying the server fees. They can be found at and But, and this is where my call for help comes …

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Server Strangeisms

I have updated the server – which should result in increased speed (both the hardware has been upgraded and the software running it) However, the software side of things has caused some compatibility issues which I’ve tracked down and currently believe I have fixed. With that said though, there may be something I haven’t spotted …

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Ability to ‘autopost’ to Legacy/Archive System implemented

After a quick straw poll in the Facebook group it seemed like a good thing to offer! If you have migrated your diary from the ‘legacy’ ( system, when you add a new entry to the NEW system (, ie: the one you’re reading this entry on) then you’ll see a little tickbox up in …

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