July 2012

New Users Note

If your diary exists and contains links to businesses, and appears to have been setup purely for business purposes, it’s not welcome here. This is a diary site. Not a blog site. It’s intention is for you to chronicle your daily life and let others share your experiences. I don’t know how to be any […]

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Preview Mode

I have been working on something behind the scenes that I suspect some of you will find rather useful… It’s called Preview Mode. What it means is that you can switch Preview Mode on and any changes you make on your diary will NOT be visible to your visitors. So you can play around with

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New Menu Option

The keen eyed among you will have noticed the slight change to the menu system at the top of the DearDiary Homepage (the one to the right of the large DearDiary.Net text). It’s changed because I wanted to add another menu, called Others. This is a drop down menu item, with (currently) 2 child menus,

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New Forum Added

The astute among you – and those who don’t visit the DearDiary Homepage, probably should once in a while 🙂 – will have noticed a new menu option on the front page, or indeed any page of this diary, notably ‘Forum’ Yes, I have introduced a discussion forum to the system. Your normal login name

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Recent Migrations FAILED

If you’ve recently requested your diary be migrated (since we moved server) OR, you requested a migration before the move but didn’t get the e-mail until after the move, your diary almost certainly has ZERO entries, ZERO comments and the migration although it migrated your username did NOT migrate your diary (at least not properly).

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