April 2012

Migration Was Broken

Someone wrote to me somewhere, but I can’t find the message now so I apologise for not having responded directly. However, the message indicated that the migration system was broken, because users were being told that their username already existed on the new system when in fact it did not. This was due to a …

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Posting New Entries Is Bugged

I’m aware that when you post a new entry (and possibly modify an existing one?) the screen that comes up afterwards merely contains a seemingly random number… This isn’t happening on my test system and I was under the (perhaps mistaken) impression that my codebases were exactly the same on both systems… But clearly something …

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New DearDiary Software

Those of you who’ve been here a while will notice that the site has changed considerably… Those people who’ve been involved in the Facebook group ‘Future of DearDiary.Net’ will not be overly surprised at this, but other people may be… If you wish to continue using the old site, please go to www.deardiary.org instead – …

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