Year: 2010

Lots to do

Have all sorts of new stuff to add here, should be interesting to see how things progress!

Testing Notification System

Sorry, a bland entry because the notification system is missing the links to be able to click on! So hopefully I fixed it (not sure how it ended up being broken!) Let's see. This will also have fixed the fact that most people weren't even getting notifies… Sorry about that!

DearDiary.Net Server Move

Hi all,     The DearDiary server has now moved (back to the US in fact) and if you're able to read this then you're looking at the new server (the old one is switched off presently). Hamipiks has NOT yet moved and is not serving pictures at the moment – but it will be moving …

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Pictures stored on Hamipiks but no longer a Plus User?

I've just checked how many pictures are stored on Hamipiks and noticed that there's 349 Hamipiks users. Yet there are only 40 Plus account holders. That means there's 309 users who are hosting pictures on Hamipiks who aren't paying for the privilege. It's fair to say that's not really anyone's fault but my own. But …

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