September 2006

Further Hotmailing

After much toing and froing I did manage to get somewhere with Hotmail. At this stage I cannot switch it back on for DD usage as I’m still making investigations, but I did discover that the reason we were being blocked as spammers is because some kind soul discovered that they could use our Support […]

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Hotmail address will no longer receive notifys from DearDiary.Net. Too many people are signing up for notification of new/updated entries and then a few months later they forget that they’ve done it and instead of reading the message and following the instructions to remove themselves from the notify list, they’re marking the message as spam.

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Hotmail Again

Email addressed to Hotmail will NOT be delivered. Microsoft have blocked mail from our server yet again. Hotmail is in danger of becoming an e-mail island because from what I read elsewhere they’re blocking a lot of legitimate servers from sending e-mail to them. They then make the server administrators jump through a gazillion hoops

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