Month: August 2006

Test 123456789

Ahahaha, no that’s really the title of this one 🙂 Having discovered last night why the comments weren’t always showing up, I tweaked the database (it was a change I’d made to be clever after the move and to prevent me having to make LOTS of changes to code) back to how it should be …

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Hamipiks Back Online

After much toing and froing (heh) they are now online. There is a strange quirk with the Reader Comments that means on occasions the comments aren’t showing up even though they are posted correctly and are in the database. If you see this happening, please send me the URL to the entry so I can …

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Hamipiks not working either

I’m aware that Hamipiks isn’t up yet – it’s still in transit 😉 There’s a HUGE amount of data in Hamipiks that has to be packed up and ferried across… And the various other domains. But anyway, it’s high on the list, it won’t be long now! Steve.