January 2006


Hi all, I am presently working on eradicating this wretched internal server error once and for all. Hopefully. However, it means the service will be patchy because in order to do that I need to be recompiling some key services and making mucho changes, then running them up, seeing where they crash using debugging tools …


Spammers Again

Oh dear. What can I say? Someone has too much time on their hands it would appear. Well, I will find out who you are and I will be billing you for my time to delete your diaries, and for updating the code to make it easier for me in future to delete you. You …

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Happy New Year

Welcome to 2006, I think everyone is now inside 2006 around the world so it’s safe to say it 🙂 I hope 2006 turns out to be a good year for everyone. I know that at a personal level it’s going to be a great year, but this isn’t a personal diary (you can read …

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