Year: 2006

Selena Update

We went to visit Selena today in hospital. She’s in a great deal of pain but in good spirits. She’s had an enormous amount of wellwishers, card and gift-bearers and she’s very thankful to everyone who’s been thinking of her. The windowsill beside her bed is burgeoning with cards, balloons and teddy bears! There’s not …

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In Need Of Assistance

I don’t normally use this diary to appeal for personal assistance, because generally it’s not appropriate, but I am making an exception this time because my personal diary doesn’t get the readership that this one does. A very good friend of mine (and Rose’s best friend) Selena is in the intensive care unit after she …

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Further Hotmailing

After much toing and froing I did manage to get somewhere with Hotmail. At this stage I cannot switch it back on for DD usage as I’m still making investigations, but I did discover that the reason we were being blocked as spammers is because some kind soul discovered that they could use our Support …

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