Month: August 2004

Work Begins

Just a quick note to give some indication that work has begun on the return to Linux. I have begun installing a Linux server that will look to all intents and purposes like the server that DD will move to when everything is ready. In this way I can test everything and make sure its …

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Private Comments on Friends Only/Private Entries

From: musik Date Posted: 8 Aug 2004 I think the point that was being made that comments should AUTOMATICALLY be private when the entry is private, otherwise people have to write all over their entries “Please leave private comments only” so that anyone visiting the page cannot see them and know what the entry may …

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January Girl Question

Just wondering.. Is what Musik stated true? I mean would DD functionality really improve, or would you all be more concentrated to that end, if more people subscribed? I could start a grass roots campaign if that’s true.. I could make a web page and everything. ::grin:: Musik stated:I guess if there were more Plus …

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