April 2004

Plus Users

If you’re a Plus user who’s been affected by the downtime over the past few days please e-mail me privately ([email protected]) to get an extra week added to your Plus subscription by way of apology and compensation for the inability to use the system over the last few days. There are still some residual issues […]

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Running some tests

Well, given that with DD switched off the server survived over 24 hours when it wouldn’t do more than half an hour before, I have switched it back on presently. The ‘genre selector’ is still disabled at present because I believe that to be completely messed up and needs the query to be rewritten. You’ll

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Buggered Queries

The problem appears to be down to a specific query that has just blown itself to bits for some reason. It’s the ‘Genre Selector’ query, so the ability to search for recent updates in a specific genre is presently offline while I figure out a better way to deal with it. There may be other

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