February 2004

Celandra please read

Hi Celandra, We’re certainly not ignoring you – we’ve not received anything from you. Please send us your message using the HELP button at the top or if you’ve used that already, drop me a line personally… I don’t want to post the actual address because it probably gets scanned by spammers but the account […]

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Anyone using DearDiary.Net would do well to read the following article which was advertised on MSN (and bizarrely enough I actually clicked on) this afternoon. It carries an extremely important message. If you are reading this, and you think the message doesn’t apply to you (and it might not) please please bear it in mind


Becomings Question

First, the observation: When people commented on my private entry, unless they clicked ‘private’ the comment appears on the login screen for the entry for anyone to read, even non Dear Diary members. I wonder if comments on a ‘for friends’ entry could default to private? Unfortunately that would require a major rewrite of the

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Friends Only Entries

I have now completed, and installed the latest change to the DearDiary code – friends only entries. Its something that people have wanted for a LONG long time, and that’s the ability to restrict viewing of your entries to particular people, and now you can. If you mark an entry as friends only, then anyone

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