June 2002

Please vote

Choices face us as administrators – have your say. Visit; http://forums.atomic-systems.com/viewtopic.php?t=5397 and cast your vote for the way forward 🙂 If this is a success, other issues may end up making there way to a voting procedure too… You have been warned 😉 Steve.

Request For Comments.

We need your feedback for some things concerning the site. Please read the following; http://forums.atomic-systems.com/viewtopic.php?p=42427&sid=34d1c9c9bf33d1e4e3f30c26416c607f#42427 and give your suggestions.

Thanks to MarvelGirl

The following comment was left a few days; For those of you that are based in the US it would do you good to try this address.. http://www.wiredpatrol.org I have been in conversation with Wired Patrol and we cannot contact them on your behalf. You will have to contact them directly if you are having …

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Adjustment to 8 Apr 2002 entry – Threatening Behaviours

We have been advised by our solicitors that information covered by the privacy policy can be given to other law agencies, without necessarily being threatened with a court order. Such a policy would be costly to us because we could have to appear in court in whatever country the problem is occuring. Thus, the wording …

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