May 2002


We’ve made a couple of changes, notably to the web server software itself, that appears to have done the trick with the lockups. We have a secondary option up our sleeves just in case but it looks like we may well have fixed it. For those that noticed no slow down for the last 90 …

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More info on the Klez Virus

If you want to know more about the virus that sends mail reportedly from us, please visit this link;,1282,52174,00.html And PLEASE, if you have any of our addresses in your address book, please do us the honour of subscribing to Microsofts’ Critical Update Notification. The security hole this virus utilizes was PLUGGED, well over …

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Some residual issues

There still seems to be some residual issues for us to clear up with the http process, since its still locking up tighter than a drum for some reason. All I can say is, we’re looking into it and will do our best to resolve it as soon as we can! Steve.

Server Upgrade Achieved

The server upgrade happened yesterday as planned, thanks to Verio for their prompt service on this! The extra memory has enabled us to increase the capacity of the various servers, and significantly increased the memory available for the database which should also speed things up significantly. Last night seemed to go well, and hopefully its …

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