December 2001

Search Again

I’ve linked the Search button on the front page to go directly and easily to the relevant Google query boxes… Hopefully the result isn’t too bad. I’m not happy about it, but there’s not much I can do. Steve.


It is with regret that I must tell you that the search facility will NOT be coming back. I’ve spent 8 hours trying to get the database to play friendly, and all I’ve succeeded in doing is providing yet another day where the server is as unreliable as shit, dumped some peoples entries into oblivion …

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Search will be offline until further notice. We can’t have the database continually down, since then there’s nothing to search for! Todays outage was due to the fact that MYSQL decided that optimizing the entries table means deleting and recreating the fulltext index, which we know takes around 8 hours. Its not even like this …

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