Month: November 2001

A further tweak

OK, I’ve installed a brand new database version and switched the table type on atomic.users to be InnoDB. This should almost instantly fix a bunch of the locking issues because InnoDB has row level locking. The only downer is the possibility that InnoDB still has the bug we tickled a few versions ago when we …

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New DB installed

OK, the new version of the software is installed. I want to try some messing with InnoDB again which may or may not break… You are warned 🙂 Steve.

As soon as I speak….

*sigh* Ok, so noone got the cant connect error, but its only by good fortune. Just after I posted that entry, I checked the database and it had a HUGE bunch of locks… So tonight, in the next few minutes (sorry for short notice!) I shall be downing the database and installing a (much) later …

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HUGE numbers of people who have, at some point, had email addresses in their address book, can expect to receive unsolicited emails from our server, telling them that they may have a virus on their computer. Why? Because they may have a virus/worm on their computer, quite simply. I’ve checked the logs today and …

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