November 2001

Opening Email

Incidentally, the BadTrans worm doesnt even require you to open the mail, it exploits a known security hole in Outlook Express to execute the attachment without you actually opening it. Nice one Microsoft. Another one no doubt you’ll blame lax sys-admins for? Anyway, anyone using Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express needs to go here and […]

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DearDiary.Net and Viruses.

I think a slight misconception has arisen since the installation of the filters for the servers. DearDiary.Net is NOT spreading any viruses. However, the DearDiary.Net server WILL alert you if it receives an email from you that it believes has the virus. It will only do this if it receives a suspicious email from

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OUSKULL Please Read

You’re not accepting mail from us. We cannot reply to your support request by email so your answer is here; You need to login – then click Customize. Then choose General Diary Options, Basic Settings. You should see the genre list in the popup window. Make sure you click Save when you’re finished so the

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Another to Rosebud

Oh, also, its not DD sending you the mail messages, its the DD server REJECTING mail messages you are sending to IT because they contain suspicious attachments. In fact of course its not YOU sending the messages, its your PC, without your knowledge, because you have the BADTRANS worm. I wish these inconsiderate buttwipes who

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To Rosebud

Go visit or or and grab a virus scanner/cleaner. I’m not sure if there are any free virus cleaners, though the one I use is only about $30 for a year and its the McAfee one… If anyone has any suggestions for Rosebud, please feel free to leave them as a comment

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