Month: July 2001

Email Virus Warning

Just a quick heads-up for a majority of you that i’m sure read email 🙂 At the abuse and support addresses we’ve been receiving a large number of messages that are all approximately 211k in size. They have an attachment that is either a .pif or a .lnk file. While I have not 100% confirmed …

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May he Rest in Peace

I’m sorry to say that when they opened Springer up they immediately saw the problem, a massive tumor on his bladder. A human would have survived as they could just remove the bladder and use a bag externally, but that isn’t possible with a Dog, so they let him continue sleeping until he finally died. …

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Progress on Springer

First up, Flagg, aside from being an insensitive jerk (which you are perfectly entitled to be) I hope that you never request any help from anyone for a loved one because after all, there are others out there in much worse positions and therefore you’re not entitled to feel anything for your own loved ones. …

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