May 2001

Steve gets fame :)

Just a quickie to record for eternal posterity (ooer) Steve’s little bit of fame 🙂 IR35 Article Matt.


In response to our note about Comet Cursor and Spyware we received an email from Serenity suggesting a site that can help remove it from your system. The URL is: I haven’t investigated it yet so you’re on your own but I thought it would be helpful to pass it on – thanks to …

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The final say….

OK, discussion closed. I was prepared to listen to people. I was prepared to treat everyone as adult. What a mistake. I’m bitterly disappointed that people can support us to our faces and then diss us when it suits by leaving comments in other people’s diaries. If you’re so two faced that you can do …

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Answers to Sobriquet

A few comments back to Sobriquet’s questions and comments: is using swear words a marker of an adult text? how explicit in detail will you have to go (in terms of sexual content) in order to be deemed ‘adult’? what is the criteria here? ..and then there is the censorship issue. We don’t have one …

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