April 2001

UPDATE: Add Reader Comments

As promised I have just finished adding the ‘choice factor’ back into Dear Diary. There is now a new configuration option under the Customiser, in General Diary Options and then Basic Settings. It’s called ‘Secure Comments’ – it defaults to ON (the new mechanism that requires an Atomic account). If you clear this checkbox and …

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And now for something completely different

Snapped this off the Webcam today. [album 598 ViiviCam.gif] That’s Steve…. ’nuff said really. Matt. (Who is probably going to be equally embarrased by something in response but hey, gotta have some lighter moments on this site every once in a while! 🙂 ).


Please read the deardiary1 diary… Noone is censoring anyone. We are merely saying that if you wish to leave abusive comments then you must stand by them, stand up for them, and be held accountable. If you are not prepared to do that then you clearly do not believe the comments you are making in …

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