March 2001

Hits from 58.*

As many of you might have noticed, these hits were not disappearing. Thats because their ‘hitdate’ (ie, the date when they looked at your diary) where incorrectly stored as a time some 300 years or more in the future. Rather than wait for them to expire naturally (since most of us will have expired before …

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New Server Ordered.

OK. We give in. We can’t see any other way to sort the system speed out this time other than to bite the bullet and open the purse strings…. The new server is on order, is a dual pentium 850 with 512M of RAM and dual SCSI… Even thats not a big server by any …

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Answer to a Question

Someone posed the following question in a comment: Where does your responsibilty end with children that are disclosing abusive situtions on your site? I know of other sites where they have to report, via ISP numbers or the information is given to Cyber Angels or Net Detective or one of those such organisations. I am …

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