February 2001

New Subscription Methods

Just a quick update: We’ve brought online the other two payment methods supported by our authorised sales agent, IBill – This means that you can now pay in one of three ways: Credit Card (Visa/Mastercard) Online Check (US Banks only) 1-900 Phone Number (US Only) The 900 number works by just charging your phone the …

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Places to store your Photo's

As I promised, so far I have the following sites to suggest: www.angelfire.com was suggested by TimeTraveler, and Sys4 suggested Tripod (.com or .co.uk). I haven’t used either of these services so I don’t know how your experiences will be, but they are options. A word of warning though, I think Geocities are just the …

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Hey Daffy

You didn’t leave a mail address and I can’t be bothered to trawl the database 😉 I have no idea about money orders… If you’re in the US you can use IBill to pay using a normal cheque. If you’re in the UK we can give you our bank details or you can send a …

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