Year: 1999

Completion, ready to launch.

As of the end of today Dear Diary v1.0 is ready to go. We have to get the new server up and running (hopefully Monday) and get Dear Diary installed on it but the code itself is now (to the best of our knowledge) done with all known bugs fixed. Woohooooo 🙂

Feature Freeze

Today we decided on a feature freeze. Having added extra functionality to our bug and feature tracking program we targetted all the current features at different versions and decided on a freeze for our initial 1.0 release. Our job now is not to add features but to get the existing ones up and running properly …

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Ad Banners and More Bugs!

Steve and Paivi did some sterling work finding bugs with the customisation code last night so i’ve got to go through and fix a pile of those now 🙂 We also can now celebrate the addition of the ad-banner code finally having appeared. We are now serving ad-banners on the pages, Paivi commented that this …

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Customisation Goes Live

Well, last night we brought the customisation interface online into the main application. It’s still not 100% there, but we’re talking a couple of hours more development and test before we’re fully happy with it so it’s close enough that testers can start getting their teeth into it and finding bugs that we’ve missed (of …

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More Server News

Well, we heard back from DigitalNation (A verio company!) about the server, they’re estimating that we get the server on October 4th so given that, the time to get the domain moved over to it and get everything installed, working and (hopefully) secure, we should be ready to go live the following Monday or maybe …

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