DearDiary Is No Longer Free

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Regrettably, after many years of providing a free online diary service to anyone and everyone, we can no longer afford to continue doing so. As a result, DearDiary.Net is now available only to Patrons. You can find more information at and, if you should like to become a Patron we can move your diary across to the new system which provides significantly more flexibility and functionality than the original version of DearDiary.Net

Your Diary Is Safe

Your diary, and all it’s content is still available using as it previously was on For example, but unless you’re a Patron you will not be able to update it.

If you are a Patron, your diary will be available at – for example,

If you should like to get your Diary as a WordPress export, please drop us a line by using the Contact Us form above and we will provide you with an export that can be imported into any other WordPress installation. We will do this export for free so that you can choose to host your diary someplace else if you don’t want to become a DD Patron.

Again, if you have any requests or comments please do Contact Us and we’ll do our best to help.