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The Bathroom
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1 Mar 2003 - Mmm Mmm Chocolate!

I got this really neat chocolate heart from my step mom for Valentine's. I know, I know! Quite a while ago now =) It's like a little box.. It opens up (yes, the chocolate heart!) & inside there are more chocolates! =D I haven't eaten any of it yet, though.

This is another for Photo Friday, btw! I'm impatiently waiting for this weeks challenge.. I now get to do Prompt on Sundays & PF on, well, Fridays! I'll explain later.. =)

1 Mar 2003 - Stop Sign?

So this weeks photo challenge was 'Stop Sign' & since I really doubt I'll be seeing a stop sign in the next week, let alone anywhere downtown in the next.... "Really long time"...... This is what I came up with.. =P

1 Mar 2003 - Afraid of Clowns?

I feel bad for having so many things listed on this page cause it might confuse people coming here to see the stop sign thing.. Oh well, sorry! If you're reading this, you can't be all that confused =P

So onto the photo!

I decided to take a few pics of things in my bathroom.. Don't ask! This little guy hangs above the toilet & I've gotten quite a few complaints from the male guests who've tried to take a nice, quiet piss in there... Hehe One of my friends even burnt its pant leg! =O I guess it is kinda creepy, especially if you're staring @ it & it's staring @ you... While you're doing your thing. I altered this to make it look the way it does, of course. Looks like it would make a good Art Trading Card.. Hrmm! I need to find their main site.....

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